Servers wearing too much lip balm harassed?

Recently, there has been some distrust from customers in our servers because supposedly, the servers are wearing too much make up. The worst part, is the poor girl that received the most complaints, which was 5, was not actually wearing lipstick or make up, and only lip balm. A lot of customers because of the part of town we are in are fairly conservative and don’t really support freedom of choice for young people.

Going forward, I have decided to instead of taking the customers complaints, I have told the waitresses to come to me directly. So that I explain to the customer that they are the ones that are being inconsiderate and not my staff. It is even most difficult for the staff of mine that have dark lips, because lip balm for dark lips can be hard to come by. Everyone is thought to have fair colored lips, when that is not the case.

Will there be dress code now at Uncle Bill Spice?

The short answer: No. But, there is always rules that are subject to change. And, if I find that these customers are complaining to much and not returning to the establishment, I may have to put orders in place.

It is the unfortunate reality that we live in, but I did tell my servers it may be in our future. Much to their dismay, but they understood.

What is to be learned here?

The real point of this article is to not immediately alienate your servers or staff for customers. There is the saying “customer is always right” but whoever made that one up sat behind a desk their whole life.

Case in point, treat your servers, staff and customers all with respect. Try to find a middle ground for situations like this and move. No need to embarrass either the staff or the customer. It could truly affect your bottom line – very negatively.

Harnessing the power of apps and the internet to increase revenue

Leveraging the popularity of an app can be great for your business. Here at the restaurant we are currently recording staff doing their best lip singing videos and then posting it on the app Musically. This has resulted in a great response from our younger crowd. A ton of high school kids have been coming here for lunch now. Resulting in a great increase in revenue.

It is quite simple to use an app to increase the popularity of your business. This best part about these apps like Musically, Twitter, Facebook and others is that it is real time content. You do not need to spend hundreds or even thousands for recording equipment. Instead, you simply use your phone with the app on it and start shooting.

We have a couple workers here that are quite keen on the app. In their own way they have become Musically stars! They have claimed to have been recognized on the street, on the way to school or even at the local grocery store. It has resulted in the befriending a lot of new people. One of our workers has even said that she got into a local play because of her Musically presence.

Making the apps work for you

This is a lot easier than people think. All you have to do is make sure you have some creativity, a phone and the app you want to grow on. Once you have those in place, try and think of some video content ideas that will make your business look great. Feel free to include the workers of your establishment in the video as well. You’d be surprised at everyone’s inner artist!

Don’t be afraid to put yourself or your business out there. It can be wonderful to harness the true power of technology and the internet. You can expect an awesome increase in revenue should you find the magic formula to social media for your business.

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Your Diet is Everything

A lot of people have it backwards. In order to get your health to where it should be, you need to first start with a proper diet. Picture this, if you are running a marathon every day, (over-exaggerate, but just for this example) but then you go to McDonalds and get 15 Big Macs and slam them into your stomach, you absolutely negate all that running you did on that day.

So yes, don’t believe whatever anyone else says if they say otherwise. Your diet has to be rock solid to be able to not only lose weight, but to increase your overall fitness as well.


You Can Do Nothing and Still Lose Weight

Yes, another thing that you just read. If you were to sit on your couch for 6 months and only eat the absolute necessary food to survive, by the time your rear end left the seat 6 months later, you would be easily 100+ pounds lighter.

Make sure you are counting those calories. If you are eating too many calories in a day you won’t lose weight. You can literally lose weight eating nothing but McDonalds all day. As long as you don’t eat excess calories and manage it, so that it is below the daily recommended, you will be just fine.

A lot of people will read this and have an incredibly hard time believing it. The crazy thing about that is they would rather spend $100’s on different diet programs, workout routines and whatever else. The cool thing about cutting down your calories is: it’s easy, saves you money and is something that you can do every day without the aid of a trained professional.

It Gets Easier the Further You Take It

Yes, at first eating less is always hard. Our bodies train us to eat until we’re full and then some. This is a basic survival instinct of our bodies. But, what you need to realize is that at first your body is lying to you. And if you block out the cravings you will be well on your way to better health.