Tips For Weaning Your Baby Off The Bottle

One of a baby’s first most loved and treasured things are their bottles. A natural attachment is developed to the bottle due to the fact that it calms their hunger, and gives the baby the ability to exercise their natural sucking urges.
Weaning your baby off the bottle can be a daunting task, but it’s a natural process of growth for the baby. Over time, your baby will accept and embrace the transition – as it’s naturally a part of growing up for them. You’ll notice your baby wanting to drink out of cups more so that they can be like their parents and feel like a big kid.
When to start weaning your baby off the bottle can vary depending on how quickly your baby’s motor skills are developing, and whether they begin to display signs that they don’t want the bottle or breast. Many parents start weaning when their baby is around 6 months of age or so and believe that this is a good age range to begin the process. Also, you can check out The Best 5 Convertible Car Seats for your baby.

The weaning process for a baby should be complete normally by the time the baby is between 9 and 15 months of age. Some babies give up the bottle sooner, and some later – it all depends on how your baby adjusts to the weaning methods implemented. Here are a few tips to help to wean your baby off the bottle a smoother process for you and your baby.


1. Purchase an attractive, colorful sip cup for your baby. For your baby’s first sippy cup, try to choose one that is designed similarly to the bottle so that your baby adjusts easier to it. Also make sure that it has handles or a comfortable gripping method for the baby.

2. Gradually decrease the use of the bottle, and increase the use of your baby’s sippy cup. For example, you can set a schedule wherein the mornings you give your baby the bottle, and in the evenings you give the baby their sip cup.

3. Put your baby’s favorite juice beverage in the sippy cup. If your baby loves apple juice, give it to them in their cup only, instead of the bottle. This will help them look forward to drinking from their sippy cup.

4. At dinner time, allow the baby to drink from their sippy cup while everyone else at dinner is drinking from their cups as well. This will help the baby become familiar with drinking from a cup, as they notice that everyone around them is doing the same.

5. Upgrade your baby’s sip cup as necessary. As they develop their motor skills, grow teeth, and get more accustomed to drinking from their cup, they’ll need their cup upgraded as necessary, until they are at the point of drinking from a regular cup.

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